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Ontario Ice Fishing Hut Operators for Temagami Area Lakes

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Here are your resources for winter ice fishing on Temagami Lakes in Northeastern Ontario
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Ice Hut Operators Around Temagami and Marten River in northeastern Ontario


Angus Lake Cottages

If you’re looking for a great ice fishing getaway you came to the right place.

Ice Fishing at Angus Lake Cottages in Temagami Ontario When the temperature is down the fishing action is up on Temagami Lakes! Ice fishing in northern Ontario is an angler's delight with many opportunities to catch walleye, northern pike and lake trout on the many frozen lakes. Take a winter vacation to northeastern Ontario and discover great ice fishing in January, February and March.

Winter ice fishing is great fun we provide heated ice fishing huts, bait and tackle. Our ice fishing packages also include accommodation and transportation to your ice hut.

Ice Fishing In Temagami on Angus Lake.

Canadian species of fish in Angus and area Lakes in Temagami are Walleye, Great Northern Pike, Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and White Fish.

Ice fish the many lakes and rivers in Temagami and Marten River area.

Spend some time ice fishing and discover Ontario fishing like you've never seen it before.

You can learn more about Ontario ice fishing by booking an ice fishing adventure with one of Canada's best ice fishing Lodges.

Imagine tasting fresh Angus Lake walleye in the middle of winter.

Temagami ice fishing on Angus Lake Ontario

Ice fishing on Angus Lake.

Ice Fishing in the Temagami Area

Ice fishing in Northern Ontario is a must for any avid fisherman. The younger novice can also be enticed by the unique thrill that ice fishing affords all who participate in this fantastic pastime.

If you enjoy winter's splendor then Ontario is the place for your hard-water fishing. In the southern part of Ontario ice fishing commonly occurs for about three months of the year. Further north, this period may stretch close to five months. Whether you desire an ice fishing package for a weekend or full week at a luxurious resort, or simply want to go out on your own, Ontario has lots of ice and lots of fish! Hut rentals are often available. Dress appropriately for the cold and make the most of winter. LET'S ICE FISH ONTARIO!

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Wawa ice fishing durby
Annual Wawa Ice Fishing Derby. 
"A weekend of great fun, enjoying the outdoors and superior hospitality of the Wawa community."
Wawa Ice Fishing Derby
For Information, call 1-888-290-FISH (3474) The Official Website of the Wawa Fish Derby!

Temagami ice fishing Temagami

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Ice Fishing in Temagami, Marten River and other area lakes - a great Canadian winter fishing adventure in Northern Ontario Canada

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Temagami Cottages

Ice fishing outfitters and hut rentals in Ontario

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Temagami Cottages and Cabins
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temagami ice fishing temagami

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