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Ice Fishing Winter Adventure on Temagami and Marten River Lakes

Got the urge to go ice fishing in northern Ontario? Try our Temagami Ice Fishing Resort!

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Temagami ice fishing is a great destination for your winter getaway!
Enjoy the peace and quiet of northern Ontario in one of our warm and cozy winter cabins.

Ice Fishing Winter Adventure

Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario

Experience some great ice fishing in Temagami northeastern Ontario.

A sunny afternoon between March and February..

Nestled in a blanket of snow in the Canadian wilderness, you will find this back lake ice fishing destination, a gateway to many ice fishing opportunities. This ice fishing package is for the adventurous type looking to use their own snowmobiles, ice fishing equipment, as well as take on the challenge of this body of water through the ice. You will find little ice fishing pressure on your trip making this a unique opportunity.

Ice Fishing will arrange your ice fishing trip into Jumping Caribou Lake, Temagami in northeastern Ontario. Enjoy the incomparable experience of winter ice fishing, surrounded by a unique winter landscape..

Ice fish on the back lakes close to the resort in the winter for species including northern pike, perch, walleye, lake trout or white fish, you will be advised of regulations and limits on arrival. Best ice fishing months are January, February and March, depending on ice conditions. We can arrange these trips so that our guests have very good chances for great catches.

MNR: Fishing Regulations


Ice fishing also requires warm clothing. Most of the body's heat is lost through the head and extremities; therefore, a wool cap is a necessity. Insulated mittens will keep your hands warm. For your feet socks with foot warmers and felt lined boots. Long underwear a wool shirt and pants and a down filled parka.

Ice Thickness Table

Ice Thickness Permissible Load
2 inches one person on foot
3 inches group in single file
7.5 inches one car (2 tons)
8 inches light truck (2.5 tons)
10 inches truck (3.5 tons)
12 inches heavy truck (7-8 tons)
15 inches 10 tons
20 inches 25 tons


Ice fishing is an enjoyable sport for the entire family. Regardless of where you ice-fish, there are a few rules everyone should follow.

  • Be sure of the ice thickness even if you cut a small hole over shallow water. Anything less than four inches is too thin to support your weight safely.
  • Fish with a partner and never walk across the ice close together. If you were to fall through the ice, your partner could save your life.
  • Carry a 50-foot length of rope with a loop tied at one end. Your fishing partner could extricate you from an area of thin ice by tossing you the rope and dragging you to safety.
  • If the ice gives way, a pair of short ice picks can be used as an aid in escaping. The picks should be shortened to just an inch long, which provides sufficient length to penetrate the ice safely and help you pull yourself free.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if you've fallen into the water. Have someone drive you to the hospital; do not attempt to drive yourself. Delayed hypothermia, which can be triggered by being immersed in frigid water, frequently results in thermal shock and unconsciousness.

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Angus lake summer cottage Temagami    Angus lake winter cottage Temagami

Ice fishing just outside the front door.

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Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario

Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario

Wintertime provides some of the best ice fishing and snowmobiling in Temagami
Call 705-569-3865

  Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario Angus Lake Ice Fishing Hut in Ontario  

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